Daria Koshkina

Mary, Countess Howe

Сreation of the doll inspired by the painting of Mary, Countess Howe (1764). It is one of Gainsborough’s most striking and iconic female portraits. Gainsborough believed that contemporary dress helped to capture a true likeness of a sitter and here Countess Howe is shown in the most fashionable attire of the 1760s.

Porcelain, china painting, natural silk hair.

Сlothes: ‘Robe à l’Anglaise’ dress – silk taffeta, hand-painted silk muslin fichu and apron; underwear – cotton cambric. All clothing details are made without glue.

Shoes: silk fabric, genuine leather, non-removable.

Does not require a stand.

1:12 scale
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