Daria Koshkina


Daria Koshkina creates her art collectible porcelain dolls in a single copy or within up to five pieces. They are 5 ½ inches high and look great in a 1:12 scale dollhouse or as a unique interior decoration.

The dolls are made of high-quality German porcelain and hand-painted with china painting. Their clothing is made from natural fabrics and decorated with hand embroidery and painting. The creative process takes several months – from historical research and creating a sculptural model to implementing the image in porcelain and silk.

“For me, the harmony and integrity of the image are important. The figure, posture, facial features, and expression should correspond to the historical costume. My works are known for their well- designed detail and meticulous decor. However, the main goal is to convey the sophisticated charm characteristic of clothing in a certain era. My sources of inspiration are antique portraits and original clothes exhibited in museums.” – Daria Koshkina.

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